Executive Coaching


As a champion of focused and effective performance, Virginia understands the power of coaching to transform leaders. Oak Tree provides a range of executive coaching services to build human potential, capacity and skills to accelerate performance. MORE

Strategic Consulting


Oak Tree will help you to create your company’s unique employee value proposition. Our perspective is that efforts to create culture must be intentional, with leadership acknowledging that the design of an organization’s culture is as important as the development of a product. MORE



Oak Tree Coaching & Consulting’s workshops blend thought-provoking content, transformative ideas, and energy-inducing challenges to old ideas and concepts. Using proven tools and techniques tweaked to the specific challenges facing your team, Oak Tree’s workshops will show you a new path to success. MORE

"A tree with strong roots can withstand the most violent of storms,
but the tree with no roots can’t grow roots as the storm approaches on the horizon."

– His Holiness The Dali Lama

Organizations develop strong roots with a culture that engages their employees and leadership that provides focus and elevates performance. Oak Tree can help you create the culture and develop your leaders.

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