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“…Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”
Louis Gerstner, IBM

Strategic Advisor and HR Thought Partner

The volume of what needs to get done in any given day leaves little room for strategic thinking. Engaging someone with experience to elevate ideas empowers your effectiveness. Additionally, an expert such as Virginia and the Oak Tree team can help remove obstacles and break the traditional processes that diminish workplace productivity.

By asking insightful questions, Virginia helps you to create an HR blueprint that determines your top priorities and why, coupled with an action plan to achieving your goals.

  • What are the initiatives that can help drive the business over the next 6, 12, 18 and 24 months?
  • How are they aligned with organizational growth?
  • Can they “scale” as the business evolves?
  • What issues are they addressing?
  • How much bureaucracy will be involved?
  • Will the initiatives enable the business or slow it down?
  • How can you measure success?

Our approach is simple and based on a 20+ year career in HR:

  1. Understand the needs of business – growth, goals, how success is defined
  2. Consider what’s needed today and in the future
  3. Collect data from the employee population and leadership
  4. Consider what’s possible within the existing culture
  5. Design a plan that enables, engages and is flexible
  6. Continuously assess and measure

Are you ready to make strategic HR work for your business? Call Virginia and start the conversation…

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