Finding Our Center in Turbulent Times

This workshop is designed to teach us how to keep our balance during times of stress that our daily lives and extraordinary circumstances throw at us. Do you want to have more control over your reactions to “life” and find a way to gracefully navigate through your day at work and at home?

Do you ever wake up feeling great but by the time you’ve arrived at work you are annoyed, stressed and full of anxiety?

Are you “short” with your family, co-workers and friends because you are stressed about something that happened?

Do you feel that the world is controlling you?

Can one email from your boss ruin your day or throw you into a cycle of anxiety and worry?

Do you snap when you are cut off on the highway by an inconsiderate driver?

These things happen to all of us every day – this is life coming at us full force. How can you find your center and react in a way that provides you will choices and a sense of peace without them “grabbing” you?

During this 90-minute workshop, Virginia R. Dean, executive coach and founder of Oak Tree Coaching & Consulting, will teach you a simple and effective exercise that will help you draw awareness to your “triggers” and manage your reactions. You will be able to find your “center” and from that place operate with a calm and effective presence. This is a simple yet highly effective practice that is critical for leaders. If we’re not centered physically, this it’s much more difficult to attend to the demands of leadership and we appear disorganized, lacking a compelling presence, and out of balance. Being able to find your center and balance is a critical skill for all leaders and anyone who wants to be more effective.

Having this practice in your arsenal you will gain the ability to:

  • Create new choices in how to react to pressure, stress and conflict
  • Develop stronger relationships with people
  • Increase your capacity to communicate
  • Deepen your capacity to listen
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